外交部发言人汪文斌再次回应美方需要正视对中国留学生的无端打压|The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Wenbin Wang said the United States needs to face up to the "groundless repression" of Chinese students

七月 2021

外交部发言人汪文斌 9 日说,中方敦促美方正视并重新审议中国留学生赴美相关问题,停止对中国留学生的无端限制打压,保护他们的合法权益。外交部:敦促美方停止对中国学生的无端限制打压

汪文斌说,美方称上述措施只影响少于 2% 的中国籍申请人,但美国乔治城大学报告评估,每年预计有 3000 至 5000 名拟赴美留学的相关学科中国研究生受到 10043 号总统令的影响,占总人数的 16% 到 27%

“我们同时也看到,大量受到 10043 号总统令影响的莘莘学子自发成立网站,讲述自身被拒签的经历,呼吁维护学术自由,这正是美方应当正视的声音。人文交流是中美关系的根基,学术、教育与科技交流是中美人文交流的重要组成部分。我们敦促美方正视并重新审议这一问题,停止对中国留学生的无端限制打压,保护他们的合法权益。”汪文斌说。

The spokesman from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Wenbin Wang said China exhorts the US to re-evaluate the issue related to Chinese international students planning to study in the US, stop ‘groundless repression’ on Chinese international students to the US, and protect their legal interests. Foreign Ministry spokesman Wenbin Wang said the United States needs to face up to the ‘groundless repression’ of Chinese students.

The US claims that the relevant measures only affect less than 2% of Chinese applicants. However, a Georgetown University report estimates that about 3,000 to 5,000 graduate students applying for relevant disciplines are affected by Presidential Proclamation 10043, which is between 16% and 27% of annual new Chinese graduate enrollments. Large numbers of students who are affected by the Proclamation launched a website on their own initiative to tell the stories of being rejected and call for academic freedom. The US should heed their voice.

‘We notice that the students affected by president proclamation 10043 voluntarily establishes website to give a voice about their visa rejection stories and claims for protecting the freedom of academic, which should be heard by the US. People-to-people interactions are the foundation of China-US ties. Academic, educational and scientific, and technological exchanges are an important part of that. We urge the US to face up to and review this issue, stop the groundless restrictions and suppression on Chinese students, and protect their legitimate rights and interests,’ Wenbin Wang said.

报道的详细链接见媒体报道页面。 包括人民网,央视新闻,新华网,中国新闻网等媒体进行了转载报道。

外交部回应赴美留学生被拒签 |The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds to the visa refusal cases of Chinese students?

七月 2021

中国日报网发表了题为“独家:美拒签中国500余名理工科研究生 延续打压政策”的报道后,外交部对此事件进行了回复,央视新闻,外交部直指美方是在开历史倒车, 外交部回应赴美留学生被拒签。 该话题在微博阅读量破亿,并登上热搜榜。

After China Daily issued a report named, ‘Exclusive report: the US rejected more than 500 Chinese international students majored in science and technology and sustained a repression policy’, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds to the report.

CCTV News Channel reports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China responds to the visa refusal cases of Chinese students. This topic in Sina Weibo ranked hot search topic list and the reading number is over 100 million.

同时该话题截止 2021 年 7 月 7 日在腾讯平台共有 68 个媒体发文,约有 400 万的阅读量。 同时也登上了知乎热搜榜第一,如何看待知情人士透露称:美拒签中国 500 余名理工科研究生?哪些信息值得关注?

Until July 7th, 2021, the hot search topic of our issue has reported from 68 media on the Tencent platform with around 4 million reading counts. This topic also ranked first in a Q&A platform Zhihu.

报道的详细链接见媒体报道页面。 包括人民日报,央视新闻,新华网,中央政法委长安剑等媒体进行了转载报道。

More information could be referred to Media Report Page, and the media including CCTV News, Xinhua Net, Changan Sword reposted the news.

财经杂志报道,取得大量关注 | Reported by CAIJING, which Attracted Lots of Attention

六月 2021

事件得到财经新闻的报道,特稿 - 梦断 10043 号令:被拒签中国留学生拟起诉美国政府,在微信朋友圈(公众号推文阅读量 8.8 万)与微博(微博话题讨论量 43.6 万)引发广泛的关注。

Our stories and this issue are reported by CAIJING, the article of which is named ‘Special—The dreams stopped by President Proclamation 10043: Chinese international students rejected by US consular office plan to sue US government’. This article has 88 thousand reading counts in Friend minutes in Wechat and 436 thousand discussion counts in Sina Weibo, which draws a lot of attention.

目前已有Sixth ToneCampaign Against US Ban on Some Chinese Students Gains Ground),环球网美部分解除中国留学生 “赴美禁令”,但签证政策仍 “有所保留”)等五家媒体与来自学术界的声音对我们进行支持。 报道的详细链接见媒体报道页面。

Currently, we have reports from five media including Campaign Against US Ban on Some Chinese Students Gains Ground in Sixth Tone and the US partly dismisses the visa ban on Chinese international students, but reserves some visa policies on Worldwide Web. You could refer to more details on Media Page.

律师沟通进展更新 | Lawsuit Progress Update

五月 2021

基于目前法律组同学掌握的信息,暂确定 Ira Kurzban 为我们的代表律师。 麻烦愿意参与诉讼的同学填下问卷,并广泛传播给身边受关联的群组和个人,便于我们掌握目前的有效参与人,我们会尽快和律师商定接下来的事宜。


  • 订阅加入我们的 list,通过邮件获取最新的信息;
  • 诉讼意向,以及预期投入金额;
  • 你的问题和建议;


According to our assessment, we have tentatively identified Ira Kurzban as our representative attorney. If you are willing to participate in the lawsuit, please fill out the questionnaire and widely spread it to the associated groups and individuals around you so that we can keep track of the current effective participants.

The survey consists of:

  • Subscribe to join our list and get updates via email;
  • Intention to litigate, and the expected amount of fees you can afford;
  • Your questions and suggestions on lawsuit, or to lawyer;

Please fill out this questionnaire, and spread it widely!

第一次线上会议 | The First Online Meeting

五月 2021


The first online meeting for all volunteers.

10043 网站建立 | 10043 Website Created

四月 2021

2021 年 4 月 28 日,创建了要求撤销 10043 总统令的网站。我们期待您的支持!

On April 28 2021, the website for calling for the revocation of presidential proclamation 10043 has been created. We look forward to your support!

国内已重新开签,但最新面签结果显示,PP10043 仍然严格执行。 放弃幻想,只能诉讼。 目前计划是收集尽可能多的案例作为诉讼材料,以及筹款发起诉讼。 为此,请大家积极填写并转发调查问卷

On May 4, 2021, The US Embassy in China has reopened to process visa applications. However, interviewees have reported that they are still being refused under PP10043. It is time to cast away illusions and go for a lawsuit. The current plan is to collect as many cases as possible as litigation materials and raise funds to initiate litigation. To this end, we ask everyone to fill in and forward our questionnaire.


Please forward!